The View has transformed culinary moments into a sheer delight for the senses. Whether contemporary, fusion, authentic, or healthy, our Signature tables represent a new spectrum of delicacy throughout all our dishes. Our innovative concepts invite guests to embark on a multi-sensory experience — a true journey through flavors, both familiar and exotic.
Morning Workshops

Revitalize and invigorate the classic brunch and breakfast experiences—this is what the Morning Workshops offer daily. The premise: live cooking shows hosted by our chefs, right before your eyes. It's up to you to wander through the various workshops and be tempted by dishes freshly prepared on the spot. Opt for one today, another tomorrow, and relish the ever-changing delights. 

Mima kitchen

Moroccan cuisine ranks among the world's finest. It was imperative for The View to share this with you. Our signature menu exalts these ancestral specialties, meticulously prepared by our chefs using a curated selection of Moroccan local produce. With inventive flair, they sprinkle in a dash of whimsy, crafting fusion dishes that infuse a touch of modernity into this time-honored cuisine.
At Mima Kitchen, you're immersed in both the historic and contemporary culinary world of Morocco.


Inspired by the southern regions and islands of Italy, Isola Ristorante embraces the rich culinary traditions of Sicily, Sardinia, and Capri. The fusion of these Mediterranean heritages graces Isola's cuisine with a diverse array of cooking techniques and flavors. Offering a culinary journey of pasta, pizzas, and Italian dishes, Isola serves up both classic and contemporary tastes, complemented by a wide selection of wines from Italy's finest regions. 

Healthy Food

Balanced, fresh, vitamin-rich, colorful, and delightful. That’s the essence of the healthy cuisine offered at our hotels. The View remains committed to wellness in all its facets,presenting a menu that aligns perfectly with today's emphasis on wholesome eating.. The offerings include vegetarian dishes, gluten-free options, and meals crafted from high-nutritional-value ingredients that are beneficial for one's health. 

Pop-up Dining

Imagine the elegant ambiance of a suite, a shaded area with the backdrop of a shimmering pool, the seclusion of a tucked-away terrace, or the beach with the gentle murmur of waves providing a calming soundtrack. These are the private settings where The View hotels craft their ephemeral Pop-up dining venues, exclusively for you. In these unique spaces, you'll savor exceptional culinary moments. The chef and his team will curate a special menu for you. inviting you to embark on one of the many themed experiences on offer:—be it global cuisines, Moroccan terroir, or even a collaborative 'four-hands' menu. 

A memorable dining experience.