The View Rabat: The capital's most stunning view

Imagine a 360-degree panorama of the capital – that's the breathtaking view offered by The View Rabat. Towering 17 stories high, The View Rabat, an urban hotel with strikingly contemporary architecture and elegant design, boasts a prime location in the heart of the stylish Hay Riad. This district buzzes with both business and residential energy, making it one of the most vibrant areas in the city. The View Rabat has become the favored destination for both business travelers and leisure seekers, thanks to its strategic location, exquisite restaurants, chic lounge, Wellness center, and bright spaces, all complemented by impeccable service. 

The View Forum, spanning 600 square meters of conference rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology, emerges as a true city hub, welcoming and connecting business travelers with the local community. 

The View Bouznika, a haven of well-being rocked by the waves of the atlantic ocean

Endless views of the Atlantic paired with lush green golf terrains, this is the immersive panorama unveiled by The View Bouznika. Its extraordinary location grants guests the chance to step into a wellness interlude, seamlessly fusing the allure of the ocean, golf, and holistic health. 

Nestled along the Atlantic coast, The View Bouznika has been meticulously crafted to envelop you in tranquillity and serenity, in a realm where water and sea breezes hold a transformative power. The Wellness Clinic stands as a true haven for rejuvenation. A curated range of programs awaits, inviting you to replenish your soul in this 3,200 m2 sanctuary dedicated to well-being.

The View Agadir

Discover The View Agadir, where a pristine sandy beach meets the expansive ocean.

Nestled on the seafront amidst lush greenery, The View Agadir invites tranquility, offering a peaceful retreat where softness pervades every detail - from materials to curves and colors. The exterior, adorned with lush vegetation, natural stones, and wooden walkways, sets the tone for an extraordinary experience beyond the ordinary.