A hotel with a 360° view of the capital.

Rabat, the city of many faces, entices at every turn. As Morocco's capital, an imperial city, and a hub rich with history and landmarks, it wears many titles: a tourist destination, a business center, and more, each one as captivating as the next. 

Rabat, with its graceful allure, is a delightful city to immerse oneself in, boasting a globally recognized heritage. The Hassan Tower, the Kasbah of the Udayas, the necropolis of Chellah... and its museums, galleries, and festivals, further reinforce its reputation as a highly sought-after cultural haven. 

Perched on the Atlantic coast, at the mouth of the Bouregreg River, Rabat gazes over at the city of Salé. This prime location gifts it stunning beaches, perfect for both relaxation and water sports. Among its other offerings, Rabat is a hotspot for golf and horse back riding. 

As a major economic hub of the Kingdom, Rabat has firmly established itself as an essential destination for business travelers. And for these guests, The View Rabat Hotel, strategically nestled in the heart of the chic Hay Riad—a district that blends business and residential vibes—is an ideal choice. From its towering height of 17 stories, this urban hotel, presenting a mesmerizing view of the city, wins over business travelers with its state-of-the-art facilities. Moreover, it's the urban, modern, elegant design combined with exquisite services and a prime location that enthralls visitors at The View Rabat. As for the locals? They've embraced the hotel, turning it into a city hotspot. Its restaurants, bars, spa, and fitness center have become an integral part of the city's life fabric. 

The View Rabat's rooms and suites

The rooms and suites of The View Rabat hotel offer breathtaking views, day and night, of the capital of Morocco. Elegant and refined, they combine comfort and modernity for an urban stay that also provides a moment of tranquility.
Our Experiences

Embrace the city with a single glance

Whether you're dining at the Legend club, after-working at the Cedar lounge, or simply relaxing in an armchair in your room or suite... The View Rabat invites you to experience the Kingdom's capital from above. At any time of the day or night. 


During the early hours of the morning, when the city is still asleep until the middle of the day, when it's at its liveliest and at nightfall, when the city lights reveal the lively city of Rabat. 


From the top of its 17 floors, The View Rabat offers you all these views of Morocco's capital.

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    Embrace the city with a single glance

    Treat Your Body to a Moment of Escape

    Regain calm, refocus on yourself, take a healthy break for both body and mind. Enjoy the wellness world of the view spa. 


    For moments of pure relaxation, indulge in a massage ritual with essential oils or the much-appreciated hammam ceremonial.

    The spa at the view rabat features a genuine revival of the traditional moroccan hammam, a symbol of oriental beauty and the ideal place to unwind, recharge and pamper your skin.


    If you're a fitness enthusiast, head to the state-of-the-art fitness center or take a dip in the heated pool. Work out on your own or follow a personalized program with our professional coaches.

      Discover our wellness treatments

      Treat Your Body to a Moment of Escape

      The View Forum

      The View Rabat is ideal for hosting your events. The View Forum can host the largest MICE events in a high-tech setting. Our professional, committed and experienced teams will be there for you every step of the way, meeting your every need.


      Entirely flexible, our 350 m² space features 6 modular rooms, including one that can accommodate up to 350 people, together with state-of-the-art equipment. Its design is both functional and elegant.


      Conferences, seminars, workshops, team-building events, fashion shows, art exhibitions... The View Forum Rabat is the perfect venue for all kinds of events, be they business or cultural. 


      Banquets, weddings and other receptions are also catered for by our dedicated teams. They'll organize every detail with their own expertise. Elegant surroundings, impressive city views and refined catering all come together to make your event a memorable experience for you and your guests.

        The View Forum

        Le Cedar Lounge, the most beautiful sunset in the capital

        Creative cocktails and Peruvian tapas are your escape at the Cedar lounge, any time of the day or the evening. The atmosphere is warm, cosy and festive. Treat yourself to a timeless break, facing the incredible view over Rabat. Located on the 14th floor of The View Rabat, it offers one of the most beautiful moments: sunset. A true spectacle!

        Sahar, warm and gourmet

        Le Sahar is the all-day dining restaurant at the View Rabat. This buffet-style restaurant welcomes you for morning workshops, lunch and dinner. 


        Les Ateliers du matin, an entertaining twist on the traditional breakfast menu. Simply stroll around the buffet and stop off at the various workshops. All you need to do is let yourself be tempted by the dishes prepared by our chefs, at the minute.


        For lunch and dinner, there's a wide range of starters, main courses and desserts to suit every taste. The perfect way to satisfy your desires and get the most out of your meal!

        The Sensya, chic and fusion

        Le Sensya offers bistronomic cuisine for lunches with coworkers or business partners. Enjoy delicious, generous dishes in a friendly, bistro-style atmosphere. 


        Be inspired by this starter and main course: smoked salmon, herbed cheese, capers and gherkins; filet de saint-pierre, vegetable barigoule, lemongrass beurre blanc and basil.

        The Legend Club, a culinary and visual experience

        The Legend Club, located on the 15th floor of The View Rabat, is all about delighting the senses. First and foremost the breathtaking panoramic view of the city through its immense bay windows is a real eye-opener. 


        Then, the gastronomic experience invites you to take a sensory journey. The view with an elegant ambience, the sense of smell with sweet fragrances, the touch with delicate textures, and finally the taste with refined flavors. The magic of this combination unfolds. 


        In an elegant, contemporary setting, Legend Club offers a modern take on New Age gastronomic cuisine, featuring the very best flavours and tastes.

        Exclusive offers
        Find here all our offers and packages at The View Rabat
        Wedding Night

        An unforgettable night to crown the most beautiful day of your life.. Choose the perfect ending for this extraordinary day.

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        Golf Package

        Take advantage of our offer including two complimentary 18-hole Green Fees at Royal Golf Dar Essalam's blue course.

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        Extended Bleisure Stay Offer

        Extend your stay into the weekend and embark on a captivating journey, discovering the allure of Rabat.

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        Vertical Experience

        Come and indulge in a unique adventure that takes you to the capital's pinnacle.

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        How to reach The View Rabat?
        Ideally positioned at the heart of Morocco's capital, the hotel sits in the bustling Hay Riad district, a vibrant blend of business and residential vibes.

        The View Rabat

        Address : Avenue Ennakhil, Rabat - Maroc
        What to Explore in Rabat?

        Rabat is a treasure trove of captivating sites. Among its gems is the Hassan Tower, paired with the Mausoleum of Mohammed V. This iconic 44-meter tower, the remains of a 12th-century unfinished mosque, stands proudly surrounded by an esplanade dotted with 200 columns. Opposite it is the arabo-andalusian styled mausoleum of Mohammed V - Hassan II. Venture to the Kasbah des Oudayas, a fortified former military camp from the 12th century, and find yourself spellbound. Through its grand gates, a maze of lanes painted in soothing blue and whitewashed walls unfolds - an oasis of calm juxtaposed against the city's hustle. The Chellah necropolis, built atop the ruins of the ancient Roman city Sala Colonia, dates back to the 13th century. Here, remnants of Roman times intertwine with the Merinid necropolis, the mosque ruins, the zaouia, and a fountain. Nature's reclaim over the site lends it an almost dreamlike ambiance. Close to the ocean, Rabat's Medina offers tranquility. Encircled by 17th-century walls with six gates, visitors meander, seeking unique crafts and delighting in its labyrinthine streets. The renowned Rue des Consuls, sheltered by an artistic canopy, is a highlight. The Saint-Pierre Cathedral, built in 1930 within the Hassan district, radiates pure Art Deco elegance. It symbolizes Morocco's religious diversity. Another chapter of Rabat's tale lies in the "new city", erected during the French Protectorate from 1912 to the 1930s, which boasts numerous iconic structures. And for those with an insatiable thirst for culture, Rabat offers various museums. From the Museum of History and Civilizations to the National Museum of Photography, each tells a unique story. Yet, the crown jewel remains the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, which in recent years has played host to grand exhibits. Dive in, and let Rabat's stories envelop you.

        Where To Stay In Rabat?

        As the beating heart of the nation and an economic center, Rabat offers a myriad of accommodations. The View Rabat, an urban hotel boasting panoramic 360° city views, extends modern yet cozy rooms and suites. It's poised perfectly for city exploration and is a haven for business travelers, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Fancy a coastal touch? Venture about thirty minutes from Rabat to the Vichy Célestins Bouznika, right along the Atlantic coast.

        How Many days do I need to visit Rabat?

        Rabat, the kingdom's capital, is a treasure trove of architectural, historical, cultural, and natural wonders. While one could spend days getting lost in its beauty, even a weekend or a day can offer a condensed yet immersive experience. For those on a tight schedule, focus on 3 or 4 major attractions and let the city entice you back for a more in-depth exploration on your next sojourn. Your journey through Rabat awaits!

        Rabat's best restaurants: Where to Dine?

        The city overflows with dining establishments, bars, and lounges, ranging from simple delights to intricate gourmet experiences. Within The View Rabat alone, you'll find four unique culinary worlds. The Legend Club, bathed in contemporary elegance, serves up seasonal gastronomic adventures set against a breathtaking city backdrop on the 15th floor. Sensya offers chic fusion dishes in a heartwarming bistro setting. Cedar Lounge is your cozy haven for round-the-clock relaxation, with innovative cocktails and Peruvian tapas on the 14th floor, presenting an unparalleled view of the capital. At Sahar, indulge in a buffet spread of enticing starters, mains, and desserts for lunch and dinner – Perfect for indulging whims and diversifying culinary delights! 

        How To Get Around In Rabat ?

        In Rabat, mobility is easy. Rent a car, hail a traditional “petit  taxi”, or use ride-hailing apps like Carrem. Modern tramway lines, continually expanding, weave through the metropolis, offering another means of traversing the city.