A wellness destination on the Atlantic Ocean

Bouznika stands today as THE seaside town nestled between the two major business hubs of Casablanca and Rabat. Perfectly located, its renowned reputation is built upon its pristine long sandy beach stretching for 5 km. Bouznika is a sanctuary of well-being and relaxation, attracting visitors in search of a serene retreat, rest, and water activities. But, Bouznika's strategic location – midway between Morocco's administrative capital and its economic heart – also draws in business professionals. These guests flock to rejuvenate and to host seminars, conferences, team-building sessions, and other events at the Vichy Célestins Bouznika, a haven that masterfully blends wellness luxury with business needs. Both types of travelers cherish the rooms and suites boasting views of the ocean, golf course, or pool, not to mention the wellness clinic and the various meeting forums and rooms. 

How to get to Vichy Célestins Bouznika
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Vichy Célestins Bouznika

Address : Bahia Golf Beach, Route Côtière km 44, 13100 Bouznika, Morocco
Frequently Asked Questions
What To See In Bouznika ?

Bouznika is especially renowned for its beaches. But en route to the beach, you can also discover one of Morocco's five national stud farms. The National Stud Farm of Bouznika will soon celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. Established in 1994 within a kasbah, it spans 8 hectares. Refurbished in 2014, the facility added 100 new stables to host horses during the breeding season and breeding competitions. During their frequent open-house events, you can admire purebred Arabian racehorses, English thoroughbreds, and the Barb and Arabian-Barb breeds.


What To Do In Bouznika ?

Bouznika's beach stands as one of the most beautiful and cleanest along the Atlantic coast. In 2022, it was awarded the "Clean Beaches" eco-label for the 16th consecutive year, making it an ideal spot for swimming and water sports. Popular activities include surfing, jet-skiing, paddleboarding, and kayaking. Golf enthusiasts can indulge at the 18-hole Bahia Golf Beach, accommodating both novices and experienced players. They can also practice on the putting greens and approach greens. 

Where To Stay In Bouznika ?

Bouznika offers various vacation rentals, from apartments to villas. Vichy Célestins Bouznika stands as the city's sole beachfront hotel. Its rooms and suites, some featuring private terraces or ground-level gardens, present serene views of the Atlantic Ocean, the golf course, or the pool. The hotel seamlessly combines wellness with business, thanks to its conference center. 

How Far Is Bouznika From Casablanca?

Bouznika is precisely 47 km from Casablanca in a straight line and 52 km via the highway. Travel time ranges between 30 to 50 minutes, depending on traffic. Alternatively, a train journey takes about 33 minutes. 

What Are The Best Restaurants In Bouznika?

Numerous beachside restaurants with diverse styles are scattered throughout Bouznika. As you'd expect from an Atlantic location, seafood prominently features on menus, but that's not all. Several establishments let you savor grilled lamb, a local specialty. Choices are ample, including options at Vichy Célestins Bouznika. Chiringuito offers a fusion of Iberian, Mediterranean, and Asian specialties in a trendy ambiance, enhanced by ocean views and DJ tunes. Dielli, poolside, offers chef-reimagined snacking classics—perfect for unwinding. The View presents a broad array of starters, main courses, and desserts in a buffet format, set against a chic and elegant backdrop.